Safety Directives

PLEASE NOTE: The above Safety Directives are for the Bailey Moyes Dragonfly by Pitman Air and do not include Safety Directives, Service Bulletins, Service Letters etc. issued by Rotax or other component manufacturers. Please acquire their Current Directives, Service Letters & Advisories from them and/or their websites – these can change on a daily basis.

Owner’s Manuals

Listed below are the owner’s manuals for the Dragonfly and Dragonfly Rancher Aircraft.

SLSA 582 Dragonfly Maintenance Manualrev.531 May 2014
SLSA 912 Dragonfly Maintenance Manualrev.321 April 2017
Rancher Pilot Operating Handbook & Flight Training Supplementrev.008 June 2015
SLSA Dragonfly & Rancher Quality Assurance Manualrev.428 August 2012
BRS-6 Owner Manual, Installation & Rocket Assemblyrev.A18 February 2011